Tips for a successful magnet tour:

1. Our parking lot is on the east side of campus at the corner of Melson Ave. and Norman Thagard Blvd. Please do not park in the faculty lot or in front of the administration building.

2. Please start at the front office and you will be directed from there. Please arrive a few minutes early as tours begin promptly.

3. Beginning this year, all Magnet applications are online through the parent Focus portal. If you do not have a parent Focus account, you must set this up to receive credit for yours and to apply for magnet schools. Please call or visit the School Choice Office (904-390-2144 or 904-390-2082) or speak with your current public school front office.

4. You MUST:

a) Sign in before the tour to get credit for the tour
b) Print your student’s name legibly to ensure the school can give you credit
c) Provide your student’s DCPS ID number or date of birth (ID number best, it is on your student’s report card and Focus portal) If your student is not a current Duval County Public School student, you must contact the School Choice Office to get an ID number and sign up for the parent Focus portal.

5. Please help us by filling out our comment/survey cards. We are always looking for ways to improve our tours.

6. Families are welcome to take multiple tours, but we ask that you please take only one packet of information so that every family may have one.

7. Our tours are led by our student ambassadors. Please ask them questions about the school and their experiences. Encourage your student to talk with them as well. Ask them about their favorite events, clubs, classes, and best memories at JWJ.

8. If you have questions for our administrators, one is usually on-hand at the end of the tour.

9. Our tour greeters are volunteers from our award-winning PTSA. These enthusiastic family members want you to know what a difference our school has made in their students' lives. If you and your student choose JWJ and are accepted, we hope you will join this organization that provides services such as our school Facebook page, email newsletters, Honor Roll Socials, Readers' Beach, Science Fair, History Fair, and Renaissance Faire.